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    Current location:Company profile

    Cangzhou Pure Science. Co., Ltd.(CPS) is a professional R&D and manufacture base of organic boron chemistry.

    CPS was established in June 2014, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Pure Chem.Co.,Ltd.

    At present is mainly engaged in organic boron chemical and Suzuki coupling reaction in the research, developing and large-scale production. Seven series products and more than 600 kinds of alkenyl/ boronic acid/ester, aromatic ring/boronic acid/ester, heterocyclic boronic acid/ester, aliphatic boronic acid/esters, R/S-MeCBS, diboron acid/ pinacol ester and potassium trifluoroborate salt has been developed. About 20 to 30 kinds of new products will developed each year.

    Cangzhou Pure Science. Co., Ltd. (CPS), is a national high-tech enterprise located in Cangzhou Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, a national chemical park. CPS has Hebei province organic boron derivatives technology innovation center, Cangzhou organic boron derivatives technology innovation center and Cangzhou enterprise technology center. Our R & D center is formed by reasonable team of nearly 30 researchers including doctor, master and bachelor degree, equipped with advanced analysis and detecting instruments such as NMR(400MHz), GC, GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS, IR, UV, ICP-MS, DSC, TGA, Karl Fischer moisture titrator, Automatic potentiometric titrators. Furthermore, BPC can also accept services such as commission development, custom synthesis and CDMO. 

    CPS has installed more than 70 sets of enamel reaction kettle and stainless-steel reaction kettle from 200L to 3000L, as well as conventional separation and drying equipment, which can meet the process temperature requirements from -100℃ to +150℃.

    CPS attaches great importance to environmental protection, has built complete waste water treatment facilities and installed Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) , which is used to treat the end waste gas, can realize the standard discharge of waste water and waste gas.

    CPS has passed ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System, ISO1001-2015 Environment Management System, and GB/T45001-2018 Occupation Health Safety Management System in October 2019, and has a complete quality control system. The core products are protected by patent technology. At present, CPS has obtained more than 40 authorized invention patents and passed the intellectual property management system certification in 2019.

    By adopting a flexible and interdisciplinary approach, our enthusiastic and higher scientific staff will become your partners in helping you to develop your Organic Synthesis Research and Related programs in a timely and cost effective manner in kilograms to multi metric tons quantity.

    Cangzhou Pure Science. Co., Ltd.
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